Mothering Yourself on Mother’s Day.

Sending love to all those who don't have their mamas this mother's day.

Guest Blog Post: My name is Rebecca and I lost my mum suddenly last month

My name is Rebecca and I lost my mum suddenly last month. I find the grief gets very scary and lonely at times and the pain of wanting my mum back is so unbearable. I feel like I am lost and I still keep hoping that my mum may come back. I feel like I

Guest Blog Post: Perfume: For Mothers Day… and those who have lost a mother

This is a video about loss and the sweetness of memory. With the hope that this small piece of work can have an impact, I offer it wholeheartedly. - Teresa Jordan About Teresa Jordan I am an author and artist living in southern Utah near Zion National Park. I was raised on an

Mother’s Day Prep 2013 Part 2: Making Space

Life is precious, as you have learned with the passing of your mom. Learn how to create space after releasing guilty feelings and thoughts.

Mother’s Day Prep 2013 Part 1: Got Guilt?

Are you feeling guilty? Do you feel like you did or didn't do something while your mom was here with you? Learn how to honor your mom this Mother's Day.

Need Your Help: Send me your Mother’s Day challenges + open call for your writing

I'm looking for your feedback. Please tweet, facebook, pm or email me your Mother's Day challenges PLUS: Tell Your Mom You Love Her: Send me your poems or any writing you'd like to send out to your mom, I'll post it here on the blog.

Mother’s Day 2013: Here come the ads.

The Mother's Day ads on TV, the radio, in your email box are all over and completely unavoidable. Here's how you can start preparing.

Losing Your Parents Featured on Huffington Post, Blog Syndications and Phew, Thank God M Day is Over.

Guest blogging. The Huffington Post. And I made it through Mother's Day. Can I get an awwww yeah?!

Mother’s Day Prep: The 3 Key Ingredients to Getting Through This Week

I was approached to write for an amazing website called I am very excited to share my first blog post for them with you. This whole mother's day thing can be a real drag when you don't have a mother. Advertisements on the radio and television... emails piling up in your mailbox... plans being created all around you. When you don't have a mother to celebrate, it's quite possible to feel like the loneliest person on the planet this week, especially, on Mother's Day.

Missing Your Mom on Mother’s Day: Mothers Day Prep 2012 – Part Three

How do you deal with being bombarded with Mother's Day commercials when you don't have a mother?