Podcast Episode #010: Grief Eating & Weight Gain

About this episode: We'll be talking about Lady Gaga, Howard Stern, performance expression to move through grief, eating to deal with grief and the yo-yo weight gain/loss that comes along with using food as a way to temporarily "deal".

Podcast Episode #009: The Guilt We Carry

In this episode: Today we'll hear from a few people who have written to Lisa about losing their parents and discuss methods to move through guilt you carry along after a parent has died.

Podcast Episode #008: Love, Rejection & Thanksgiving

This week we talk about love, rejection and the upcoming holiday, thanksgiving. We'll discuss the idea of releasing expectations and we'll hear from Naz, a caller, follower and new friend from India!

Podcast Episode #007: What do I do on Thanksgiving?

This week we hear from an anonymous caller who's got questions about how to deal with thanksgiving after losing his mom.

Re-occurring (bad) dreams

I have a re-occurring dream I think I would consider a nightmare. Is it here to remind us of how we spend our time here?