Podcast Episode #006: How to Cope with Birthday Triggers

I talk about my interview with Stephanie Fleitas from CreatingWithin.com + birthday triggers, why birthdays can be incredibly challenging without your parents and how they can be easier and more enjoyable as time goes on.

Podcast Episode #005: Birthdays

It's my 33rd birthday! I'm talking about birthdays and ways I work with and through them without my parents. I'll also be discussing the connection to the day my dad died.

Podcast Episode #004: What is Chosen Family?

We'll start the conversation around chosen family: mother figures, father figures, "siblings" and other important people in our lives. I'll also be talking about Cheryl Strayed's book, Wild.

Podcast Episode #003: What the Hell, Feelings?

We all have 'em, but a lot of us ignore them. I'm gonna talk about FEELINGS and strategies for just noticing the fact that you have them, a LOT of them. We'll start there.

Second Firsts, Christina Rasmussen, and her “30 Days of Hope” project.

This is the awesome Christina Rasmussen who has invited me to participate in her, "30 Days of Hope" project, which will include inspiring videos of those who have experienced #love, #loss, #life and new beginnings. Her second book, Second Firsts, will be released in just a few weeks. Please follow her and her YouTube channel! I'll be re-posting all of her videos here on LosingYourParents.org in support of this beautiful en devour.

Oz the Great and Powerful China Doll

Okay... Here were are. If you have seen this movie or you are just so curious you could hardly stand it at all... Here's what I am dying to share with you: