Missing Your Mom on Mother’s Day: Mothers Day Prep 2012 – Part One

Mother's Day is 7 weeks away. When a holiday like this comes around, it's easy to feel left out. This year I'm going to post often about this topic to help all of us who need support. Here's a few steps to get us started.

Guest Blog Entry: Just Surviving by Caitlin Maloney

Caitlin Maloney submitted a guest blog post to us. She lost her mom @ age 8 and her dad 3 years ago to suicide. Contact Caitlin if you want to connect with her.

Hoarders & The Rat Man. This guy has 2500 Rats! What happens when you don’t process your grief?

What happens when we deny our own grief? I watched a Hoarders episode the other night. After his wife dies, he collected over 2500 free-roaming rats that hoarded Glen out of his home and into a shed on his property.

More Tips on how to deal with Christmas, the holidays, missing your parents, and new traditions

Here are some more tips on this popular topic: How to enjoy the holidays when your family and traditions shift. There's a lot of pressure around the holidays. It can bring up old memories, conjure up wounds with family that are not yet resolved, and has the potential to make you feel, well, not so jolly.

Interview with “A Blending of Bittersweet Memories” Author, Emily Israel Hoffman

What do you get when you mix a pinch of memory, a dash of grief, a dollop of deliciousness and a heaping spoonful of love? A Blending of Bittersweet Memories, a cookbook dedicated to those who have lost a loved one. A compilation of story/recipes collected from food-lovers across the world, A Blending of Bittersweet

Missing Your Parents During Christmas Time & The Holidays

Christmas time and the holidays can feel pretty lonely when you don't have parents. Here's some ideas on what you can do to feel less lonely and fill in the gaps.

I have a free car. So, why don’t I want it?

I have a free car sitting in a driveway. Waiting for me. Calling my name. So, why don't I want it?

Unexpected Grief: How Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Ke$ha can help.

What do Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Ke$ha have to do with grief today?

Steve Jobs: “How to live before you die.”

The greatest man to ever utter the words "apple", "iPhone", or "innovation, Steve Jobs, has died. Watch in this speech Steve wrote for Standford University as the 2005 Commencement speaker, as he expresses "How to Live Before You Die". Please share this post with others.

Sometimes, there’s gonna be an empty chair.

For years, went to a restaurant where the 4th seat would always be my mom and the empty chair stares back at me now. There's going to be traditions you had with your loved ones that shift. Here's a few things you can try to help yourself through it.