Guest Blog Post: Too close together

My name is Sue, 45 year old from Illinois. In February of 2011 we lost our Dad and four months later our mom. I have to sisters 44 and 35...never thought this would happen so close together. Dad was sick for a while, but was taken fast., but our Mom was sudden. I cannot describe

Father’s Day Prep 2012: Who’s Your Hero When You Don’t Have a Dad?

My dad was my hero. The truth is, no one will love you like your dad and no one could ever fill his shoes... but there are people who want to love you if you look around.

The Power of Now Changed My Life

This book changed the way I saw everything. EVERYTHING.

Father’s Day Prep 2012: “Father’s What?”

How are you spending your father's day this year?

Guest Blog Post: “I Still Have Hope”

I received a guest blog post by someone who wants to remain anonymous. She is 16 and lost her dad recently to diabetes.

Mother’s Day Prep: The 3 Key Ingredients to Getting Through This Week

I was approached to write for an amazing website called I am very excited to share my first blog post for them with you. This whole mother's day thing can be a real drag when you don't have a mother. Advertisements on the radio and television... emails piling up in your mailbox... plans being created all around you. When you don't have a mother to celebrate, it's quite possible to feel like the loneliest person on the planet this week, especially, on Mother's Day.

Missing Your Mom on Mother’s Day: Mothers Day Prep 2012 – Part Three

How do you deal with being bombarded with Mother's Day commercials when you don't have a mother?

Black & Blue: Moving on from Painful Memories

I had a 1998 blue VW beetle. It was the most amazing car. My dad bought it for me originally. I had a job when I was 17, so I made payments towards the car as an agreement with my dad. It was half of my paycheck, but I didn't care. I had a cool

Missing Your Mom on Mother’s Day: Mothers Day Prep 2012 – Part Two

This weeks topic: To distract or dive in to feelings? That is the question. My advice: decide what kind of person you are and how you'd like to deal with this day.

Seriously, who am I supposed to get life advice from now?

By age 12, I had traveled alone to Texas & Brazil. By 15, I was traveling to New York City by myself frequently. At 17, I had moved out on my own. By 24, I had started my own business. I think it's safe to say that am no stranger to doing it alone... So now that my parents are gone, who gives the life advice?