Podcast Episode #038: Working at home & the toll grief takes on income

This one goes out to all the entrepreneurs and the folks who work from home! Since I have been working for myself since 2006, the death of my mom in 2009 effected me deeply and therefor effected my work and income at the time. I will tell my work back story and how to deal with grief while working for yourself (and make sure your income flow is moving in a positive direction!).

Guest Blogger: Gift Someone’s Mom

A guest blog post by Nilia Berkin This will be my first Mother's Day without my mother. Both of my parents died within six months of each other last year so I will be going through the same thing on Father's Day. I will also be alone this year as my parents left me their

Guest Blog Post: Perfume: For Mothers Day… and those who have lost a mother

This is a video about loss and the sweetness of memory. With the hope that this small piece of work can have an impact, I offer it wholeheartedly. - Teresa Jordan About Teresa Jordan   treejordan@mac.com http://teresajordan.com I am an author and artist living in southern Utah near Zion National Park. I was raised on an

Going to a viewing: How do you handle it?

We went to a viewing today. Death can be a strange thing, so here's some things you can use to prepare for one you may have to go to in the future.

Is your mother on a pedestal?

Last night while cleaning more of my parents boxes, I found a letter my mom wrote "to me". It was really one of those venting notes you should probably throw away after you're writing it so that when you die no one finds it, lol.

It’s nice that Mother’s Day is coming up. But what happens if you don’t have one anymore?

Mother's Day is once again upon us. A perfect time to give your mom flowers or watch a funny movie together. But what happens when you don't have a mom anymore? I mean, you had one... but now you don't. My mom died in 2009. Cancer. I watched the whole thing. That's a whole long story, for another time. So what I am I supposed to do on Mother's Day?