Podcast Episode #039: Father’s Day & Mom’s Death Anniversary

About this episode: We'll discuss how Father's Day weekend went (for me and for you), discuss death anniversaries, how sometimes there's a bunch of triggering dates to deal with one after the next, and what you can do differently next year to prepare for the next Father's Day.

Father’s Day Prep 2012: Who’s Your Hero When You Don’t Have a Dad?

My dad was my hero. The truth is, no one will love you like your dad and no one could ever fill his shoes... but there are people who want to love you if you look around.

The Power of Now Changed My Life

This book changed the way I saw everything. EVERYTHING.

Father’s Day Prep 2012: “Father’s What?”

How are you spending your father's day this year?

Okay, mother’s day was hard. Like, really hard.

I realized that not a lot of people can actually understand what this feels like - to not have a mother and then to not have a mother on mother's day. It's like the entire world around you is doing something you can not participate in at all. Here's how it went for me.