Podcast Episode #033: Doing Mother’s Day Differently

If you could do Mother's Day over, what would you do differently?

Still riding the mother’s day waves? What would you change for next year?

Got mother's day leftovers? What worked for you this year? How did you decide to change the day to make it better for yourself? More palatable? Enjoyable? What would you do differently next year?

Mothering Yourself on Mother’s Day.

Sending love to all those who don't have their mamas this mother's day.

Guest Blog Post: Perfume: For Mothers Day… and those who have lost a mother

This is a video about loss and the sweetness of memory. With the hope that this small piece of work can have an impact, I offer it wholeheartedly. - Teresa Jordan About Teresa Jordan   treejordan@mac.com http://teresajordan.com I am an author and artist living in southern Utah near Zion National Park. I was raised on an