Finishing Cleaning Up My Parents Belongings & My Video with Christina Rasmussen’s 30 Days of Hope Project

I just finished 4 years of cleanup of my parents belongings on the day my dad died (Oct 14th, which was Monday). The 15th was my birthday, and this was absolutely the hardest and best birthday of my life. On top of all this beauty, Christina Rasmussen invited me to be a part of her "30 Days of Hope" project. I am honored to be a part of this and to share my knowledge and understanding on how one can truly move forward after the death of their parents, at any age. Please watch and share this video with anyone who needs it.

Second Firsts – 30 Days of Hope #3 – Jessica Watson of Four Plus an Angel

Jessica Watson lost one of her triplets when she was an infant. She talks about her experience losing Hadley, her experience in the months that followed and how she has moved forward in her 30 Days of Hope video. 30 Days of Hope is produced by Christina Rasmussen the founder and author of Second Firsts:

Second Firsts – 30 Days of Hope #2 – Sandy Weiner, host of Last First Date Radio

Second video in the series, Sandy Wiener, host of First Last Date Radio, talks about losing her son, her divorce, and how she started to get back on track.

Second Firsts – 30 Days of Hope #1 – Kevin McNamara

First video of the series! Kevin McNamara, founder of Mothers Who Have Lost a Child, discusses working through pain and getting re-entering back into the world after losing his daughter, Holly.

Second Firsts, Christina Rasmussen, and her “30 Days of Hope” project.

This is the awesome Christina Rasmussen who has invited me to participate in her, "30 Days of Hope" project, which will include inspiring videos of those who have experienced #love, #loss, #life and new beginnings. Her second book, Second Firsts, will be released in just a few weeks. Please follow her and her YouTube channel! I'll be re-posting all of her videos here on in support of this beautiful en devour.