Podcast Episode #040: Birthdays without Parents

We'll talk about birthdays without parents, the first birthday you have after your last parents dies + how to deal with the energy of subsequent birthdays.

Podcast Episode #006: How to Cope with Birthday Triggers

I talk about my interview with Stephanie Fleitas from CreatingWithin.com + birthday triggers, why birthdays can be incredibly challenging without your parents and how they can be easier and more enjoyable as time goes on.

Podcast Episode #005: Birthdays

It's my 33rd birthday! I'm talking about birthdays and ways I work with and through them without my parents. I'll also be discussing the connection to the day my dad died.

Happy Birthday, Dad

Today, you'd be 63. I imagine what you'd look like... or what kind of relationship we'd have...

Birthdays are never the same…

When a parent dies around your birthday, it may see like birthdays will never be the same ever again. Here's one way I get through it.

Today, my mom would have been 64.

April 26th, my mom’s birthday. If she were here to celebrate another one, she’d be 64. Here's a video of our cross country trip we took together, via car, in 2007.