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Podcast Episode #029: Releasing Negative Patterns Our Parents Set Up For Us

Today on the Losing Your Parents Show, we'll talk about releasing negative patterns our parents set up for us.

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Creative Ideas – What to do with your parents stuff?

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Who is Jacqui Saldana? Learn about Baby Boy Bakery

My cousin posted this video yesterday of a woman named Jacqui Saldana, who got a surprise call to go up on stage with Ellen at her show. I learned this woman had lost her 3 year old son, Ryan Cruz, in May. He had gotten hit by a truck while playing Frisbee. I learned that

Lady Gaga Talks About Healing Her Sexual Assault Through Creative Performance

In an interview with Howard Stern, Lady Gaga reveals she was raped as a teen by an older music producer and what her extreme (throw up) art performance at SXSW really meant to her.

Last year this time, we were driving to Nashville.

This time last year we had driven to Nashville for the first time. Before we arrived, we had made a pit-stop in a Walmart parking lot so Catherine could have a work meeting and I, an interview that was scheduled with OPEN TO HOPE, an organization that supports grief workers. I saw in the back

Here trigger, trigger, trigger

There are dates in time that just have so much energy attached to them. Not only is today June 26th, the day of my mom's viewing 5 years ago, but I had to write the date today at least 10 times. Oh triggers, you old so and so.

Back In Action: Moving Forward After My Cross Country Journey

It's been a while since I've written. I thought I would have all the time in the world to write for hours upon hours on my cross country journey from Ewing, New Jersey to Portland, Oregon... but alas, I was deep in the heart of moving passed fear after fear, being driver support, dealing with