The Losing Your Parents Podcast – Episode #054 Interview with Dr. Deborah S. Derman, Ph.D.

Debbie Derman has been through a lot. In this episode, we discuss the loss of her neighbor to suicide, the tragic plane crash she witnessed with both her parents on board, and the death of her husband to a heart attack when she was pregnant with their their child. She has taken her extreme experiences

The Losing Your Parents Podcast – Episode #053 – Interview with Sergio Alemdariz

Sergio Alemdariz is a University of Texas Grad Student working on his documentary, On Losing A Parent. His intention is to capture the story of 3 individuals who have lost parents in their 20's. In the film, Chaney Greenwood, Lyndsey Anthony, and Austin Gage will work on re-creating a photo of the parent they lost.

The Losing Your Parents Podcast – Episode #052 – Interview with Sasha Rose Hamrogue

I learned about Sasha Rose Hamrogue one day on facebook when I saw the article, "I lost both parents to lung cancer – the grief almost overwhelmed me" pop up on my newsfeed. Not only had she lost both of her parents, she lost them to cancer, and I immediately identified with her experience. In

The Losing Your Parents Podcast – Episode #051 – Interview with Rachel Stephenson

Rachel talks with me about her family's struggle to confront their own feelings surrounding the sudden loss of her mother when she was 5, her TEDxCUNY talk, "Against Grieving in Silence" and how her father's recent alcoholic death may have been avoided.

The Losing Your Parents Podcast – Episode #050 – Interview with Margo Rose from

EPIC MILESTONE HERE! I'm 50 podcasts deep and so excited to be interviewing this amazing woman, Margo Rose. Margo has been a personal and group fitness trainer for over 15 years. Her specialties include: functional fitness, senior wellness and injury reduction. She has also created a system of self-care called Body Aware Grieving, practical ways to care for your health during times of loss, stress or disappointment. Margo Rose's first book, Body Aware Grieving, A Fitness Trainer's Guide to Caring for Your Health During Sad Times is available on and also on her website,

Podcast Episode #048: Low Energy & Fatigue

Do you have low energy? Do you feel tired? Feeling fatigue? Me too! Totally normal, let's discuss.

Podcast Episode #047: Committing to Change

Talking about how committing to ourselves helps strengthen how far we can go.

Podcast Episode #046: The Importance of Self Care!

What are your ways you practice self care? Let's talk about how to manage stress and to do preventative maintenance on the body, mind and spirit.

Podcast Episode #044: Who Are Your 5 Star Advisors?

How to learn and assess: Who are the people in your life who are coaching and advising you? What areas of your life do you need support in? What is a 5 pointed advisor star and who's on it?

Podcast Episode #043: What is Parent Loss Coaching?

Does the loss of your parents get in the way of what you want to be doing or how you want to feel? Listen as we talk about parent loss coaching.