Dear friends and followers,

I started this blog in April 2011, the week of Mother’s Day, as an outlet for my challenges around facing Mother’s Day without my mom. I had also faced many Father’s Days without my father. I found that writing about life experiences in hopes of finding others like myself would help me to move forward in my life, and it did just that.

I found so many of you across the globe (or vice versa; you found me!), and it has healed me beyond words. I started the podcast in hopes of reaching more of you… so many people wrote me and told me how depressed they were and said how much they didn’t think they could live without their mom or dad. I wanted to be able to prove that there is life after death and that there is joy awaiting you around the corner… if you could find ways to work through your emotions.

Today I have decided that I would like to turn Losing Your Parents into a non profit so I can help even more people across the world. I need your help in order to do that.

Your re-occurring or one time contribution could help me set up the non profit and keep it going. If everyone who liked the Losing Your Parents facebook group donated $1, I would be able to get this started ASAP.

Please donate if you have even $1 to spare. Help me get this non profit set up and help me to keep this podcast and blog online and available for the world. I am open to your ideas and the needs of the grieving community.

Thanks in advance, I’m looking forward to building this with and for you.